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The Penny Pincher Press was established in 1994 by Claudia Ann Montelione, publisher of a tabloid-size ‘shopper’ magazine of the same name. It was an attempt to transition from her careers in publishing and then as legal secretary, to a home business, a needed objective since her younger daughter, Lisa, was born with Down Syndrome in 1990.

The little ‘coupon’ publication caused quite a stir with  editorial material  that described the unconstitutionality of  New Jersey’s driving statutes as applied to private individuals. Other little-known topics were written about such as the significance of the gold fringe around the American flag, the history of the Federal Reserve corporation and the fact of there being two governments operating in these united States: the lawful Republic and a multitude of corporate governments. As would be expected, such revelations drew the ire of those invested in the political status quo. A couple of advertisers pulled their ads but that in itself did not cause the publication’s closing. Personal circumstances indicated that it was time to move on.

Claudia and her two daughters, Francesca and Lisa, moved from New Jersey to the northeastern woods of Pennsylvania just prior to the turn of the millenium. It was thought that if the whole of western civilization crashed as was so frantically predicted — remember Y2K? — they’d be well positioned on 10 acres of trees. With a woodstove and farms nearby with more cows than there were people in the county, Claudia turned her attention to developing an income-producing website on an information highway that didn’t come crashing down as had been expected. That is when WebMavin.com came into being.

Offering web design services and free-lance secretarial help was the original intent of WebMavin.com resulting from a web design project Claudia experimented with while in New Jersey. 6Towns.com was a community website to which people could connect for news about local events, happenings, sales from local merchants and other useful information, but after moving to Pennsylvania, the 6 New Jersey towns — Matawan, Aberdeen, Hazlet, Keyport, Holmdel and Middletown — faded in importance.

However, the ‘driving issue’ that had been such a hot Penny Pincher Press topic in New Jersey that Jim Gearhart on radio station 101.5 FM had discussed it for days after the article had been brought to his attention,  generated interest in the use of international driver permits and other devices to protect the motoring public from over zealous state interference. Claudia had access to resources that had a very tangible market in that regard. Due to popular demand, the 6Towns website had a ‘driving’ section added to it which became more visited than the main part of 6Towns and Webmavin together.

Study of the driving issue naturally led to questions about other legal and commercial conventions. Research of these subjects opened a door to information and knowledge that a growing segment of society were becoming interested in. People wanted to exercise their better informed perspectives.

Claudia’s older daughter, Francesca, became interested in her mother’s work. Provided with her own computer, Francesca was a fast learner and capable ‘second in command’ who proved her executive abilities by, at the age of 24, single-handedly running their home business, tending to her mother’s household duties, and caring for her disabled half-sister after Claudia was illegally arrested in March of 2008. The details of this nightmare are at penntravesty.com  It was at that time that the web address of 6Towns.com/driving was lost and the name NaturallyPrudent took it’s place.

Though the legal disaster that was initiated  in 2008 was unpleasant, to say the least, it engendered a broader understanding of what is happening in our society. It also served to showcase the unlawful, anti-American and treasonous behavior of high public officials in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a situation that simply begs for correction.

We hope you enjoy our websites, webmavin.com and naturallyprudent.com. We will update them regularly with new information as we continue to expand our knowledge.

In late August of 2014 Claudia passed away, being diagnosed with Cancer that previous June.  Francesca maintains the websites, products and notary services.  As education increases we will be adding more services as well as as well as adjusting a couple that Claudia was in charge of. An additional change, that needs to be made, is the name we go by.  Penny Pincher Press will be changed to Limitless.

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