Advanced SPC*

* Secured Party Creditor

This electronic book, along with templates and information, will be Priority Mailed to you on a Data Disc in .doc and .pdf formats which is read by Open Office or MS Word and Adobe Reader. If your computer doesn’t already have it, Adobe Reader can be downloaded from here.  Open Ofice can be downloaded here.  There will also be some audio and video as described below.

For those who do not have a computer and will be unable to either read the electronic format or complete the templates of the documents, we can print the book and mail it to you for an additional donation of $35 (Priority Mail postage included). The templates you’d like to use can be customized for you for an additional secretarial fee of $40 per hour.

The Introduction is reproduced below so you can see what this E-book contains:


Hello!  Your purchase of this E-book on CD is much appreciated.  This book has been set up so that you, as a  Creditor, can handle your affairs without spending thousands of dollars for other people to do the work for you. When you made the choice to become a Secured Party Creditor, you, in essence, declared that you are competent and able to handle your own affairs. This publication is for those knowledgeable, independent and responsible people, who are making a stronger America by not giving their power away to those who are only too glad to take it from them.

Here you will find a mixture of original material, parts of workshops we’ve taken, and articles and audio we’ve gathered along the way. Since newer and better information is always developing, you will be notified of any updates to this E-book which will be free of charge or have a very nominal cost.

Here’s What You Get on This Data Disc:

  • How we have the Authority to write Negotiable Instruments — Know Your Power!
  • Writing private Bonds
  • Simple one-step Bond method
  • Three step advanced  Bond process
  • Processing your Negotiable Instrument through a Notary, with Verified Notice
  • Credit Repair
  • Learn to engage UCC (keep from contracting, enforcement and more!).
  • Endorsing Checks so they are Non-Taxable events
  • A thorough discussion of “Lawful Money” and “Legal Tender”. This knowledge alone will give you confidence in your financial affairs.
  • Legalized Fraud
  • Neutral Response (stay in Honor and Out of Contract)
  • Authentication
  • Trust information
  • Notary information (function/ Power) and document samples
  • 3 Administrative Processes
  • and more!
  • Included with this purchase is 45-minutes of consultation time — a $50 value — to answer any questions you may have
  • NEW! A screen-shot video presentation, going over the e-book has been created and will be included for support/reference.

   All for $545!


** Save $50 — If purchased with the SPC template package or SPC customized package. Simply choose ‘yes’ on the Second drop-down box on the SPC documents purchase page.**
(If you needed/wanted to buy one and then the other shortly thereafter — that’s fine) **