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If you’ve gotten the feeling that this country is not what we were led to believe it is, you are correct.

This section will acquaint readers with aspects of history that aren’t taught in schools and you’ll see why our Rights are not automatically respected. Courts nationwide disregard fundamental rights because they perceive us as U.S. citizens rather American Citizens protected under the organic laws of the united States of America. This very brief history shows why the U.S. government is so alienated from the American People.

The United States vs. the united States of America

The united States of America is the entity created over 200 years ago with the Declaration of Independence and formed by the Constitution of 1781. It is not a “Nation” as other countries are nations because it consists of many separate State jurisdictions. Americans are both citizens of the State in which they were born and also citizens of the united States of America, with State citizenship being the more important one because it was where the centers of power were — the people. Even today, some State constitutions still contain the clause that all political power is inherent in the people. Unfortunately, the people have forgotten how to wield that power and it has been usurped by corporate governments.

Originally, only those born in the 10 mile square of Washington, D.C. were exclusively U.S. citizens since that 10 mile square is not one of the several states but is a statutory jurisdiction of the federal government in which the Constitutional protection of our God-given, natural Rights does not necessarily apply. The federal government was so small that our country’s name had a lower case “u” on “united”, like an adjective describing the “States of America”. It was just after the Civil War that the United States came into being, a registered corporation which, especially in the Twentieth Century, consistently grew larger in a political sense, adding more and more citizens to it’s statutory jurisdiction.

Recent generations, after suffering many frustrations, found out for themselves that every time we put our names to any government application or form, we are actually volunteering into the jurisdiction of the corporate United States, beginning with applying for a birth certificate. That is because invariably, there is a box to check saying that you are a U.S.citizen or a question asking if you were born in the United States. These are deceptive since “United States” or “U.S.” have a few different definitions, but you can be sure that the definition assumed on government forms is the one meaning the statutory jurisdiction of the 10 mile square of Washington, D.C. These are called ‘adhesion contracts’ and they are all fraudulent because there was no disclosure that we were abandoning our protected Rights. However, since we agreed to them — even though it was in ignorance — we are bound by them until we renounce them.

Two Classes of Citizens

A U.S. statutory citizen takes on the securities, privileges, protections, and liabilities of the United States Government. The vital distinction between the two types of citizenship is that the privileges and immunities granted by corporate government can be taken away, whereas God-given, inalienable Rights recognized and protected by the Constitution cannot. Unless we point out otherwise, it is assumed by courts and all governmental entities that every single one of us is not a “constitutional” citizen, but rather a statutory citizen who has given up “American” rights, and most of us have.

All of us were trained to apply for a social security card in order to get a job, that is, if the hospital that we were born in didn’t offer to get it for us. We were all told that we had to get a license to travel (“drive”) on the roads or to sell real estate or to sell insurance, cut hair, teach, install toilets, etc., etc. This does not imply that these activities and avenues of employment should not have standards, regulations and protections in place, but having licenses from government makes the licensees subject to a statutory jurisdiction which negates their constitutional citizenship. This has turned the whole concept of America on it’s head. No longer do the people in their town hall meetings decide how they will live in their communities. An impersonal and distant, monolithic bureaucracy made up of alphabet soup agencies dictate how we should conduct our affairs and what they will or will not allow us to do.

Fortunately, we can regain constitutional citizenship (sovereignty) because we can never be separated from it:

The God who gave us Life, gave us Liberty at the same time.
The hand of force may destroy, but can never disjoin them.
Thomas Jefferson

All we need to do is cancel out those things that caused us to lose our liberty, revoke our signatures on adhesion contracts and generally, undo the damage. The information and services provided through this website will help you to do that.

Corporate Bankruptcy

Since the late 1700s until the early 1930s, gold and silver was the money and medium of exchange used in America. The paper currency was merely receipts which were redeemable for money (gold & silver coin) at the bank. When the corporate United States went bankrupt in 1933, a bank holiday was declared and Americans were intimidated into bringing their gold to their bank and turning it in for silver coin or “Silver Certificates”.  Finally, in 1963, even the silver backing was removed. There were no more Silver Certificates printed and nothing of intrinsic value backed the currency. It became what is known as “fiat currency”, a governmentally dictated medium of exchange.

The impact of the bankruptcy of the United States corporation did not only affect the value of what we loosely refer to as “money”, it also affected the laws that we operate under as a society. Some people have gone into traffic court using Constitutional arguments and couldn’t understand why the judge not only wouldn’t accept it but even threatened contempt of court if the Constitution were brought up again. The simple answer is that we no longer operate under the common law, which is the type of law used in the Constitution. We now operate under colorable law. Due to the bankruptcy, the courts deal in commercial contracts wherein an assumption is made that we have all accepted government granted benefits and privileges.  If we do not refute that assumption then we are held liable to the corporate state.

The Uniform Commercial Code (U.C.C.) is what the courts apply today (though they don’t admit it) to gain jurisdiction of all citizens, regardless of what their political status is. Common law is based on substance, while the U.C.C. is based on bankruptcy. However, in order to maintain the bankruptcy of the nation as a secret, the court will tell you it operates under statutory “law”, but statutes are not laws and you cannot access remedies under statutory law. The U.C.C., on the other hand, does provide us with remedies. See, for instance, Sections 1-207 (which has been replaced by 1-308); 1-103, 2-201; 3-301; 3-305.2(c); and 3-601. To see for yourself, visit Uniform Commercial Code.

The following materials explain the effect of the U.S. bankruptcy on the legal, financial and political aspects of our society and how to protect yourself from it.

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