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Interested in Privacy on and off ‘line’?

I recently came across this site, by ‘Beforeitsnews’, which you can follow on twitter!

It’s Unseen’s intent to provide private and secure messaging, email and calling. We offer web, mobile and desktop apps that will allow secure communication wherever you are.

If you value privacy, security and freedom, then you may want to start protecting your online communications today. Most sites rely on data mining to offer a free service. “You” are their product, and that’s not private.

These social forums are not private.  I, personally, am interested and will be checking this out more, however, to share — feel fre to check out!

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Interested in having an account backed by Gold?

BitGold Accounts
Own Gold at any income level

I know what you’re thinking.. Gold is over $1000/ oz!  With BitGold you can deposit small to create a big nest egg, backed by tangible asset.  Gold/ Silver will never go ‘out of style’.  You get a 5% bonus on your first deposit — you read correctly — you will get some free gold. You decide, by your deposit, how much you will get. The cost shown is Live and does fluctuate.

I checked to see how much a gram of gold would be (at this site)– the cost was just some cents less than what BitGold is providing.

There are vaults all over the world. After some consideration, I did go with NYC because I am thinking of when I look to withdraw, which I can do in 5g or 1kg increments, as shown above.

From the support area of the BitGold site:

Q: “What is BitGold”

A: “BitGold pairs together the ease and convenience of digital payments and online savings with the integrity and stability of gold. Our mission is to make physical gold accessible to everyone. Minimizing or removing fees everywhere possible became our purpose.

Within a few minutes BitGold users can create a secure, free vault account with access to purchase and hold gold. Our user-friendly features allow users to send and receive gold payments as well as have access to traditional retail spending with the GoldMoney Prepaid MasterCard, available with your BitGold account. Deposits into BitGold accounts can be made on the web platform or through our mobile app. At any time a BitGold user has the option to redeem their physical gold as 10g GoldCubesTM or 1kg Bullion Bars.”

See the BitGold Team and more: Click here


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