International Motorist Qualification (IMQ)

This product is for those who are aware of, and who are claiming, the Rights they were born with. If you are a 14th Amendment citizen, and/or under the jurisdiction of the corporate United States, you may run into some trouble using this document.

The IMQ is a personal identification card that has an Affidavit of operator competency on the reverse side. The Affidavit also affirms the reservation of all your unalienable rights pursuant to 28 USC section1746(1). It is printed on postcard stock and laminated.

Purchased alone, the MQ costs $65. It is included as a discounted option with the Writ to Travel package for an extra $45. To obtain an MQ, there are 2 pages that must be completed — the Application and the Affidavit — and a small, passport-type photo is also required.

NB: Updated MQs have ‘International’ in the title thereby referencing its jurisdiction without the corporate United States.



Ordering Information

Please send 2 passport-type photos. If only one is needed, the extra will be returned.

Order IMQ ONLY for $65.00
Order IMQ with Writ to Travel for $45.00

IMQ is $65 unless it is part of a Writ to Travel package, in which case
it would be $45.
If paying with a money order (kindly leave ‘Pay to’ line blank),
print off and  mail-in Order form,  passport photo, and
Affidavit which needs to be signed in front of a notary.

If mailing, send to:

1143 Northern Boulevard, #154
Clarks Summit  18411  Pennsylvania

* formerly Penny Pincher Press


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