Declaration of

The documents above were written for a nation of independent, responsible people. They were, and still are, the most unique and revolutionary (perhaps evolutionary?) political documents ever written, but they are only for a People who are self-responsible and capable of self-governance.
We were once.
Let us learn again.

Jack &  Margy Flynn have, and still are, educating people on how to think and act like
the sovereign Americans for whom the founding documents of our country were written.
Their website is:
Be sure to visit their Stop Federal Tyranny project for audio files on how
we can effectively govern ourselves once again
(as in “…a government OF the People, BY the People and FOR the People…”)
“It may become possible for your personal freedom to grow faster than is currently the case for most individuals… World Freedom Challenge (WFC) is a challenge to freedom activists all over the world to consider the activities, ideas, and suggestions presented…”
Check out their ‘Using Humor as a Weapon to Undermine Gangster Political Predators’. Very funny!
This ‘Family Guardian’ site has a tremendous amount of information for budding sovereigns. It’s so huge with information, forms, etc., they have a 145-minute website video orientation at the Sovereignty Education page.
The website of the Fully Informed Jury Association. This is a tremendously important area for reaching out and being effective in ridding ourselves of bad laws and ensuring that statutes are properly applied. It’s been said that our country’s founders gave us 3 boxes containing the means with which to direct the government: the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box. The first one has proven detrimental; the second one is failing but can be rejuvenated; and the third one…well, we hope to never have to go there.
The website of the We, the People foundation.
Great legal material

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Unvarnished Reality
For the very aware. You may never be the same after reading the articles on these sites.
“Signs of the Times”
Based upon scientific research into clues obtained from superluminal communications with benevolent 6th density beings.______________
Native American prophecies point toward a new way of living and being for all nations. This site has been up for many years. It’s insightful and informative.


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Gone Before You Get There
Prepare for a crisis. Which items vanish from store shelves first?

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The Second American RevolutionLearn to be a sovereign (also known as “sovran”) again
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