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The Billing Error Dispute (Administrative Process)  is $450.  This includes customized documents to correct the account, dispute the validity of the alleged debt and substantiate your claim/standing and to bring the respondent into commercial dishonor.


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Consider this:

You have a ‘loan’ or a credit card from XYZ Bank and your payment to them is $175 a month. Now that you know how the funds they ‘loaned’ you were created, how fair is it for you to have to work, say, 7 & 1/2 hours —  one full day  — in order to make that loan payment while XYZ Bank created the funds with just a few keystrokes?  But that’s not all.

Consider also, the fact that your ‘lending’ institution is not at risk since there were no funds taken from other depositor’s accounts or from their own assets. The reason interest is added on to a loan is because the lender is taking a risk by lending to you and is therefore entitled to make a little more than just a return of funds lent. This condition simply does not exist. If you never paid the ‘loan’ back, they would lose nothing.

Since the banks and other lending institutions cannot allow “full disclosure” of your “loan” agreement and cannot answer your challenges about it, their silence is your key, along with the Administrative Notices and the UCC, to rid yourself of fraudulent debt and “payoff” their alleged “loan” to you. YOU WILL GET THE “LAST LAUGH”!!!

Debt Elimination/ Satisfaction/ Accord

It is our own ignorance of the law and the money/credit system that allows us to be deceived, intimidated, abused, oppressed and lied to. We can use the laws put in place to protect us from predatory lending and collection actions.

If you then wish to utilize what you’ve learned, documents, the Biller Error Dispute Administrative Remedy, can be customized with your data and e-mailed to you. The Notices you use point out the billing errors that have resulted from the “lenders'” lack of disclosure. Since you never refuse to pay what you legitimately owe, you always remain in honor. You are simply asking them to correct the error and adjust the account to reflect the fact that the lender did not give you any of their assets. Along with the documents, you will also be sending them a check made out to the ‘lender’ for $25 marked with certain wording for a contract & a  bookkeeping fee for them to correct the error, and you will be returning the last statement or presentment that was sent to you.

We can work with you every step of the way, but please be aware that this is not an arrangement, whereby, you pay us and we take over the matter(s) for you. We are assistance of counsel. We can get you 90% of the way there, but education of  one’s self is quite important and necessary. We are not attorneys and cannot and do not represent you. Of course you will get a digital template of what was done and you will be able to ‘learn to fish’ and duplicate the example.

There is a Power of Attorney (“POA”) and the Notice of Fault are worded in such a way that even if they do not respond, they will grant POA to you so you can make corrections to your credit report if that needs to be done. All the documents are sent to them by a third party notary witness, with the notary’s Notarial Presentment / Certificate of Mailing and conclude with the Notary’s Certificate of Non-Response.

If the Respondent does not reply to your documents, you can send a follow-up Notice of Fault through the notary and finally, when after some time an answer is still not received, the notary will issue a Certificate of Non-Response. If you receive a response you’re unsure of dealing with, you can consult with us. If the Respondent should write to our notary, a $35 fee will apply to cover the notary’s time and expense for the reply.

We work with you every step of the way, but please be aware that this is not an arrangement whereby you pay us and we take over the matter(s) for you. We are not attorneys and cannot represent you. Besides, gaining an understanding of how the monetary/credit system works, and then reading through and executing the documents yourself enables you to build the knowledge base to conduct future commercial affairs with confidence and expertise.

If you have many credit accounts to eliminate, then if you feel confident enough, you can use the same process for eliminating other credit “debts” you may have. We can provide the notary, third party witness to send them with a Certificate of Mailing to the “lender” for $40 per mailing, which includes the certified mailing/return receipt card cost.  If you don’t have the expertise in handling such documents,or just don’t have the time to prepare them, we can process additional ones for you at the rate of $225 per credit account.

If your ‘lender’ or collection agent engages an attorney, just contact us to discuss the options in handling that.

Getting Started

The $450 investment covers consultation by e-mail and/or phone, all the documents described above, notary witness services.

*** Would you like Templates to complete yourself? $295 investment** will cover our sending you templates for your completion, the mailing costs, witnessing service of your documents by our  Notary Public and, of course, e-mail (document review).***

Here is what is needed:

The last credit account statement(s), letter(s) or whatever was sent to you, with a note containing your contact information (name, address, phone #, e-mail address) and Social Security number. The $450 (or $295) can be in a Postal Money Order, preferably with the ‘pay to’ line left blank, through PayPal or credit card (click here), or credit card over the phone.).

We will also need a check made out to the lender in the amount of $25. We will go over how to handle this when we begin the process.

Mail statement/letter(s) (it needs to be the actual, original), your information, the lender’s check and donation for us, to:

Mail or scan your statement/bill(s) to your information and donation for us, to:

1143 Northern Boulevard, #154
Clarks Summit  18411  Pennsylvania

Need more information? It would be best to e-mail (preferred) an explanation of what your current situation is, or call/text  570-483-8683.

*formerly Penny Pincher Press

** if the cost on the order for is different from the website, the difference will be refunded.

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