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The government is not your friend! They have conspired with the petro-chemical industry to poison every corner of the planet with toxic waste and cause the Carbon level in the Earth’s atmosphere to exceed sustainable limits!!! They have conspired with facebook to monitor your activity and poison your mind!

Stop contributing to the war machine!

Mainstream media reports that there are over 300,000 Sovereign Americans living peacefully in North America and doing it successfully without supporting “Uncle Scam”.  That’s one out of every 1,000 Americans that has chosen to stop contributing to the war machine!

It’s been propagated in the public sector that there are three branches of government in America but that’s simply not true!

What people generally don’t understand is that there is a fourth branch of government called “The People” and it’s that branch of government that’s growing as more and more men and women become aware of it.

U.S. citizens are not considered people, but rather, deceased estates!

If you have done any homework at all, you already know that the UNITED  STATES is a piece of paper called a corporation and that every U.S. citizen is a piece of paper called a “birth certificate” which is actually a very valuable estate trust in probate. Neither of these pieces of paper qualify as “The People”, nor does any other kind of artificial person.

Now as far as status goes, the U.S. citizens are not included in “We the People” because that U.S. citizenship was created for freed slaves, immigrants, orphans and invalids and it’s documented by a piece of paper which is a kind of a charter.

So, where are “The People”?

Now, if we look at what the media is saying, we can conclude that it’s really these 300,000 private Citizens in America that have direct influence over all jurisdictions in America. This truth has gone viral because there are countless advantages to moving all of your accounting from the U.S. to one of the 50 States.

The real reason they are regurgitating the same propaganda that defames the noble sector of society is because the American population of “We the People” has reached influential proportions and this makes them very afraid of losing their ability to profit from the ignorance of the uneducated population (i.e. maintain their luxury cars, chandeliers and swimming pools).

The best way to get control of your public servants and put your country back in the control of “The People” is to read “The Sovereign Citizen’s Handbook” and learn how to unsubscribe from the UNITED STATES corporation. Do the process that changes your status to a noble “Sovereign American State Citizen”,  with sovereign immunity! This change of status takes you out of their jurisdiction and puts all of them into your jurisdiction, under your authority.

Sovereign American Citizenship is the highest status one can have in the world but it’s not for the weak of heart, greedy or shallow of mind. Both public and private sectors are defined by rings of documents that allow or dis-allow contact between them. The knowledge of the private sector is literally priceless and that’s why it has always been a very exclusive club. Until now…

Welcome to the information age!!!

“We the People” built the internet in 1970 and attained global consciousness in 1987. This is the information age. The true knowledge of the law and the secrets of sovereignty have been passed on to us by concerned Americans and we’ve translated this knowledge from legalese into American English, so as to be understandable by the intelligent Americans like yourself.

Now you’ll know how to be a responsible ruler of your own private, sovereign estate and complete the documents that protect you and your heirs from pretentious public piracy!!!

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