Writ To Travel

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  •    with IMQ  $125
  • Moorish Writ $95
  •    with IMQ $140

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Product Description

The  ‘Writ to Travel’ is a 5 or 6 page package consisting of:

1.        the Writ itself – a legal size sheet which begins with the statement that the United States Supreme Court has found state laws to be unconstitutional if they have restrictive licensing,  registration and insurance requirements, and then goes on to cite over a dozen court cases that uphold our right to travel public roadways without needing the state’s permission. In addressing the officer, it points out that converting a right into a crime is a violation of  substantive rights and urges him/her to treat the bearer of the Writ with due respect and to prevent injustice;

2.        a 2-page Miranda Warning to the officer expressing the traveler’s desire to go about his/her affairs in peace and to be left alone. It makes it clear that if the traveler’s rights are ignored, lawful remedies will be pursued and lays out the penalties that the officer would be liable for.

3.        a jurat – a notary public’s statement confirming the identity of the traveler and thus, the authenticity of the documents;

4.        an apostille from the Secretary of State’s office – a certification from one of the highest officials in the state that your document is authentic and official;

5.        an optional identification – a Motorist Qualification (MQ) can be added as a personal ID for an even more impressive package.

6.      a Truth Affidavit In the Nature for a Peace Declaration has been added as part of this package at no extra charge. Though it is actually separate from the Writ package itself, the Miranda Warning refers to such a Declaration being recorded in your county. Use of it is optional.

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