Secured Creditor Support

Secured Party Creditor Support

Overview:    The following support guide is set up to be readily accessible. At the bottom of each session there will be a link to the next session, allowing you to move through at your own pace.

     The template files will be located under the videos. There will also be additional Reference information/ audio to assist in building your knowledge/ foundation.

There will be a short questionnaire at the end of some of the lessons, to assist with memory recall and comprehension. While this is optional, it is encouraged.

Should you run into any snags, we can always be reached at contact@naturallyprudent, comments at the bottom of the sessions, and/ or  (call/text) 570/ 483-8683.

You will be so much more informed at the completion of this course.  

A password is needed to access some of the videos — the password is:  American1

To Get Started, click on the following link:  Intro / History

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