Secured Creditor – Optional & Notice

Optional Documents and Vital Statistics

In this Session we will be looking at and going over some Optional Documents as well as the Third (3) package to complete the Secured Party/ Creditor Status Notification.  That third package will be going to the Vital Statistics of your origin of Birth/ Berth.

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This Video goes over the ‘Deadly Weapons’ Letter.  This document would fall in the Debt Validation category.  This is a perfect document for you to use to begin on your journey, while you are waiting for your last Green Card to be received:

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Deadly (credit) Weapons Letter: click here

Optional Documents / Vital Statistics: Click Here

Additional Reference Information:

The UCC and You

Diversified Metals

 Talkshoe: Debra, a police office and lawyer, tells of her experience and views from behind closed doors: Click here for the Audio

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