SPC Portal

(Secured Party Creditor)

As time goes on and people get less comfortable, there is a higher demand for information on becoming an SP/C and knowledge of how to exercise that status.

For background information on the reasons why people want this status, do see the material in the Basic Education section.

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What is the Difference Between an SPC and a Sovereign?

Secured Creditor documents – A brief explanation of why a lien is put on the birth certificate and a descriptive list of the latest used documents;

SPC Identification card – A personal ID that has your UCC filing information on it;

Advanced SPC – Description of the E-book for those who have completed their Secured Creditor Status and are ready to increase their knowledge of contracts and commerce.

Title 4 Flag: Know your Schwag!  Finally! A real experience active Sovereign tells his story and provides some pointers for those inclined to follow.