Writ to Travel Package

Traveling as of Right

(for those who know their rights!)


These documents are for those who want to rely on their unalienable rights, guaranteed by the Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution. It has been determined that the right to travel — freedom of mobility — is part of the ‘…right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…’ clause of the Declaration of Independence. Though not directly expressed, it is understood that if you do not have the right to use the roadways, then you are not at liberty to pursue your happiness.

Please Note: This product is for those who are aware of, and who are claiming, the Rights they were born with. If you are a 14th Amendment citizen, and/or under the jurisdiction of the corporate United States, you may run into some trouble using this document.

Sending certified copies of your Writ to Travel to the sheriff and/or chief of police in your county has been found to be quite effective, as far as we know. One of our New Jersey clients was stopped on the road and handed the officer a copy of his Writ. The officer ran his name through the computer, then returned to our client’s car, handed the papers back and said, “I don’t know who you know, or what you did, but have a nice day.” — end of traffic stop. Our client said that he simply sent the sheriff a copy of his Writ and apparently the sheriff must have entered the information into the computer.

In contrast, we know of 2 clients who did not notice any public officials about their ‘driving as of right’ and were given “driving without a license” citations when they were stopped. Part of using the Writ package is knowing how to enforce your rights. Remember, most officers just follow orders. No license = a citation, unless you’ve taken steps to notice law enforcement authorities that you are claiming your rights. On the other hand, we’ve also heard of clients who presented their Writs to the officer who stopped them and the officer’s immediate reaction was that he didn’t want to get involved with “legalese” and just drove off.

Please note that the Writ to Travel is simply a written expression of the rights you already possess. Having an explanation of your right to travel printed out together with legal “case law” to support your claim is not only impressive but it’s a whole lot better than attempting to verbally educate the officer. We can almost guarantee that the officer will not be cooperative in listening to you, whereas seeing the same words printed on legal size paper attached to notarized, apostilled documents, etc. has far more ‘meaning’ since they are trained to check documents.

**Update 2014** A gentleman in Texas used his Writ to Travel and was commended by a judge at a traffic court session he had. When handled properly and tactfully — success prevails!

The  ‘Writ to Travel’ is a 5 or 6 page package consisting of:

1.        the Writ itself – a legal size sheet which begins with the statement that the United States Supreme Court has found state laws to be unconstitutional if they have restrictive licensing,  registration and insurance requirements, and then goes on to cite over a dozen court cases that uphold our right to travel public roadways without needing the state’s permission. In addressing the officer, it points out that converting a right into a crime is a violation of  substantive rights and urges him/her to treat the bearer of the Writ with due respect and to prevent injustice;

2.        a 2-page Miranda Warning to the officer expressing the traveler’s desire to go about his/her affairs in peace and to be left alone. It makes it clear that if the traveler’s rights are ignored, lawful remedies will be pursued and lays out the penalties that the officer would be liable for.

3.        a jurat – a notary public’s statement confirming the identity of the traveler and thus, the authenticity of the documents;

4.        an apostille from the Secretary of State’s office – a certification from one of the highest officials in the state that your document is authentic and official;

5.        an optional identification – a Motorist Qualification (MQ) can be added as a personal ID for an even more impressive package.

6.      a Truth Affidavit In the Nature for a Peace Declaration has been added as part of this package at no extra charge. Though it is actually separate from the Writ package itself, the Miranda Warning refers to such a Declaration being recorded in your county. Use of it is optional.

Your customized Writ to Travel package will be sent to you to have the jurat notarized and for recording in your county clerk’s office. You will then have to bring, or mail it, to the Secretary of State’s office for the apostille. However, since not all states follow the same protocol for getting an apostille and you need to check the cost anyway (usually around $15), go to your state’s website (www.state.[your state’s 2-letter code]. us) and put “apostille” into it’s search window. In the alternative, just call them.

With your finished work, we’ll also send a letter of instructions.

The fee for preparing and personalizing your custom documents is $80 for the standard Writ, $95 for the Moorish Writ as it has an additional legal-size page. If you want the optional identification — the International Motorist Qualification (IMQ) — it has it’s own Application and requires an Affidavit. The usual cost of $65 is discounted to $45 when purchased with a Writ package.
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