Why Do We Have a “Strawman”?

In summary, the FG (Federal Government) went bankrupt in 1933 and went to the FR (Federal Reserve) for more money. At this time, the FR asked the FG for additional collateral. The FG said it did not have any more gold or silver, but it had the property of and the ability to tax the American people.

Because “We the people created a more perfect union…”, created the government, the government could not use us flesh and blood people as collateral, so the FG created a legal fiction know as a Strawman to use as collateral for their debt. The FG uses our SSN (Social Security Number) and Birth Certificate to create the Strawman. Once the FR accepted the Strawman as collateral, the FG could borrow money from the FR.

Right now, as you sit here, you are liable for your Strawman, for all contracts your Strawman has entered into to date. What we want to do is dissolve this liability. We do that by filing a UCC-1 Financing Statement with the Secretary of State which, when filed properly, dissolves your liability to your Strawman, making you the Agent, or Secured Party, for your Strawman. You now have control of your Strawman.

As an example, if you want to sign up a professional athlete like Tim Duncan, you must go through his Agent. The Agent will allow you to do business with him. However, if Tim Duncan gets into an auto accident and hurts someone, the Agent is not held liable for the accident or injury.

Likewise, you as the agent for the Strawman are not liable for the liabilities or obligations of the Strawman. In commercial terms, instead of having a liability status, you now have a secured party status.

We don’t know who wrote this simple explanation of our legal fictions, but it surely does answer the question!