Worldwide Travel Association IDP

Worldwide Travel Association IDP

Before filling in this Application, please first read through What is an IDP?
 While the IDP was authorized and implemented within international law, it is not issued by the United Nations but rather by certain non-governmental authorized travel associations. IDPs are not valid within their country of issue. The IDP can accommodate drivers of all types of conveyances from motorcycles and automobiles to heavy trucks and buses (in a non-commercial capacity) and can be used to rent cars, buy cars, cash checks, and to show proof of age.Many people are unaware that when they apply for a state-issued driver’s license, they are, in fact, entering into a contract with the state whereby they are waiving their right and accepting a privilege instead. The privately-issued IDP is non-contractual so you maintain all of your God-given liberties intact and it requires no Social Security Number. However, the IDP does not suspend your obligation to obey the motor vehicle laws and regulations of the jurisdiction in which you’re traveling. If you’re involved in a traffic accident, or if you’re stopped by a police officer who asks for identification, the IDP will present your important information in many different languages.Printing Tip: To print only the international driver license form, highlight the section below starting with “Application for International Driving Permit (IDP)“, click “copy” on the Edit menu of the Task Bar above. Then open Wordpad, or a word processing program, click the cursor onto the page and go back to the Edit menu and click “Paste”. You can then print out the form only.

Application for International Driving Permit (IDP) (Note: The information you fill in for Section 1 will appear on your permit.)

Section 1 Name:_____________________________________________________________________________   Birth Date:(mm/dd/yy)_______________ Birth Place (city/state & country)_______________________   Legal residence (outside the U.S.A.):_____________________________________________________ If you have no preferred legal residence outside the U.S.A., leave blank and San Jose, Costa Rica will be used.
If you are outside the U.S.A. and have no preferred address within the U.S., Santa Fe, New Mexico will be used.
  Types of Conveyances you Drive (check whatever applies): Motorcycle______ Automobile_____ Light Truck_____ Heavy Truck_____ Passenger Bus_____

Section 2 I, the undersigned, affirm and understand that this application constitutes my request for a custom made identification. This is a contract and/or agreement, wherein for consideration given, the producer of said identification will make a custom ID containing all the information provided by me on this form. This application is for an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) valid for two (2) or five (5) years, from: WORLDWIDE TRAVEL ASSOCIATION of San Jose, Costa Rica. I, the undersigned, affirm that I have all the necessary skills to safely operate a motorized conveyance, and understand that I may be bound by the International Law(s) which govern the use and possession of said (IDP). By signing below, I accept full responsibility for any and all of my actions and deeds. I herein acknowledge that the producer, it’s agents and/or representatives of WORLDWIDE TRAVEL ASSOCIATION are hereby indemnified and immune to any and all liabilities as a result of my use or misuse of the ID productrequested.  _____________________________________________________________________________                                                                        (Print name)                                                                                    (signature)                                                          Note:  If item does not reach you, the replacement cost is $50 if loss is claimed within 30 days.

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